Ketofast Q&A with Dr. Mercola

Ketofast Q&A with Dr. Mercola

Join Dr. Mercola as he answers your questions about his new book, Ketofast, and a number of other topics. If you would like to pre-order Ketofast visit

Questions asked;

02:50 - Can amino acids curb sugar cravings

06:13 - How does fasting affect the gallbladder?/Fasting without a gallbladder

08:19 - How do we go from keto to cyclical keto?

15:36 - Plant vs Animal Proteins

19:35 - Can you modify carb intake to achieve ketosis

22:10 - 5 day fasting and bone broth

26:00 - What are some of the best binders?

28:54 - Not losing weight on keto, what's wrong?

30:10 - What is the difference between "Fat for Fuel" and "Ketofast"

32:00 - I have some confusion about proteins and carbs, help!

34:08 - Hypoglycemia and keto

36:47 - Should I still eat organic eggs and butter?

38:48 - How long before carb cravings start and how do you curb them?

43:38 - Is it necessary to check blood levels?

45:30 - Is Ketofast a combination of keto and intermittent fasting?

46:18 - Why so much dairy?

47:45 - Is keto good to eliminate cellulite?

48:50 - Do calories matter on keto?

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